About Us

Inform, Engage, Inspire

We are a team of practicing and experienced scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about science and scientific research. We believe that the future of successful scientific research lies not just in the lab, but by informing, engaging and inspiring  the public about science in its many forms. We believe that science is about COMmunity and NOT just the indvidual.   

Together as a community we can identify and accelerate the discoveries that can change our world for the better. We need new ideas, new approaches, new talent, new funding options, and everyone is welcome to help us achieve this goal. 

What We Offer

The experienced and enthusiastic team at togetherscience.com offer motivational and informative presentations, 5 min to 30 mins in length, for schools, community groups & events, business breakfasts & lunches, universities, and philanthropic organisations. Our focus is on engaging  presentations from the spectrum of the scientific and health communities in an effort to engage and inspire everyone who listens to come together to support science.

Our Experience

Our team features real world scientists that are the top of their field, who are also engaging public speakers in their own right. Our experience crosses multiple fields of knowledge from science to engineering, to health, business and beyond. Our team is international in their approach and has strong ties to the community.